LeadsGuru Best Affiliate Program in 2023

If you want to earn money, then you must know about LeadsGuru.in. With the help of LeadsGuru Affiliate Marketing, you can easily earn lakhs of rupees per month sitting at home. However, you might not be understanding this now that how to earn money from leadsguru affiliate marketing? For this you have to read this article very carefully,

What is LeadsGuru?

LeadsGuru is an Learning cum Earning Platform Where You can Learn Different type of Courses like Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Mastery, Instagram Content Generation etc. Along with that you can also Earn Passive Income from LeadsGuru.in Let’s Understand How?

Earn Passive Income from LeadsGuru

Earning money from Leadsguru.in is very easy. Just learn affiliate marketing from the course given here and then you can start earning money here. As you have already been told, this platform provides you several courses. By recommending these courses to your Friends, you can earn affiliate commission. First know which courses you get in leadsguru affiliate marketing and what you learn in those courses and how you can earn money online.

LeadsGuru course details

There are 3 types of courses on the LeadsGuru platform in which the starting price of the course is Rs.2299. In which you will get a lot of important information about content creation and video editing, which can be very useful when you start your own YouTube channel. Apart from that, you can learn many other skills here. Let us know in detail all about leadsguru affiliate marketing Course –

Leadsguru Silver Course

leadsguru silver

As mentioned earlier, the starting point for the Leadsguru.in course is Rs.2299. Which was named LeadsGuru Silver Course. Let us know what you will gain from this course –

  • Advanced affiliate marketing course
  • Content Creation Masterclass
  • Instagram Growth Mastery Course (Powerful Organic Affiliate Marketing Video Training)
  • Organic Affiliate Marketing Masterclass (Powerful Organic Affiliate Marketing Video Training)
  • Social Media Mastery Course by LeadsGuru
  • Up to 90% commission for each referral.
  • Valuable bonuses
  • Video editing master class

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Leadsguru Gold Course

leadsguru gold

The name of the second Leads Guru course is Leadsguru Silver Course. The cost of this course is Rs.4130. In this course you will learn great skills related to business. In addition, you will also learn communication skills in this course. Let us know what else is included in this course –

  • Advanced affiliate marketing course
  • All silver courses free as a bonus
  • Master’s course in communication
  • Email Marketing Masterclass
  • Facebook Ads Masterclass
  • Master class in public speaking
  • Sales Funnel Mastery Course
  • Master course in spoken English

Leadsguru Platinum Course

leadsguru platinum

The name of the third Leads Guru course is Leadsguru Platinum Course. This is an advanced course. Which creates primarily Digital Marketing Agency. The cost of this course is Rs.9997. In this course you will get many other free courses as a bonus in addition to the advanced digital marketing course. Let us know what you get in the Platinum Course –

  • 6 free silver courses as a bonus
  • 8 free gold courses as a bonus
  • Advanced copywriting course
  • Course completion certificate
  • Institutional Digital Marketing Course (from a digital agency)
  • Up to 90% commission on every sale

LeadsGuru Affiliate Commission

In leadsguru affiliate marketing program you get 90% commission on every sale and many more commissions. Let us know in detail –

On Leads Guru, you earn three types of commissions on every sale. Which is divided into Tire according to Leeds Guru. In this we call tire 1 commission as direct commission and tire 2,3 we call it passive commission. Let us know that you can earn all this in the form of commission.

Commission of the Heads of Silver Courses

Tire 1 – As you have been told, in Tire 1 you will earn direct commission. To do this, you must first make your first affiliate marketing sale in which you sell the Leads Guru Silver Course. Under which you will get commission of 1600 rupees. We call it a direct commission.

Tire 2 – When you start the LeadsGuru Silver Course. So if your referred user has a sale, you will get a passive commission of Rs.150 from his sale.

Tire 3 – I started my own income with LeadsGuru Silver Course. Because of this, you will not get commission in Tier 3. This commission is only available to Gold plan users. Let us know about Gold Plan commission now.

Commission for the Gold Course of Leading Gurus

Tire 1 – When you start selling with LeadsGuru Gold, you get an initial commission of Rs.2701. Likewise, if you become a gold member, make a sale of silver courses, you will earn a commission of Rs.1503.

Tire 2 – When you make your first sale with Leds Guru’s Gold course to any of your members and then that member also makes his first sale, you will get a commission of Rs 175 for his silver sale and Rs 316 for his gold sale. .

Tire 3 – If you make your first sale with Leads Guru Gold, you will also earn a commission on the sales made by your member on the sales made by your member. In this you will get commission of Rs 78 for silver and Rs 140 for gold.

How to sign up for Leadsguru

Signing up for the leadsguru affiliate marketing program is very easy. You can create a Leadsguru Affiliate Account in just a few steps. Let us know step by step how to sign up for Leads Guru –

Step 1-

First, you need to open any browser on your computer or mobile. Then you need to go to the official website of Leads Guru https://leadsguru.in. After that, the home page of the website will appear in front of you. Here you will get a red button. Which says “Get Start Now”. You have to click on it. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2 –

When you click the Start Now button, all Leadsguru courses will appear in front of you. Here you can choose any course as per your budget and requirements and click on buy button. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3 –

After that, a new page will open in front of you. Where it asks you for some information about yourself. Which is shown below.

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Whatsapp number
  • Email address
  • Account username
  • Create account password

After filling all these details, you need to click on Place order after ticking “I have read and agree to the terms of the site”.

Step 4 –

When you click on Place Order, another page will open in front of you. Whatever information is requested from you here, you must fill it all out and make the payment. This is how you can sign up for Leads Guru.

Why LeadsGuru is better than other affiliate programs

leadsguru home
leadsguru affiliate marketing

Leadsguru has many things that make it better than other affiliate programs. Let us know –

  • You are getting good courses here with the help of which you can increase your own skills and in addition you can also increase your business.
  • It gives you affiliate commission up to 90%. Which other affiliate programs do not offer.
  • He will send you the money immediately. On the day of the sale, the money is immediately transferred to your bank account.
  • Leadsguru also provides you with free training. So you can sell better from there.

How much money can be made from LeadsGuru?

Leadsguru is an affiliate program, from there it’s up to you if you want money. Here you get Rs 1600 commission for selling silver. If you make 20 sales in a month, you will easily earn 1600×20=32000 rupees. Apart from that, tire 2 and tire 3 commission is also available. According to which you can earn more than 32000 thousand rupees. There is no earning limit. The more you sell, the more money you make.

Leadsguru Real or Fake

The most frequently asked question on Google about LeadsGuru is LeadsGuru Real Or Fake. Which is also many questions asked on Quora. And this is also very important to know. Because if you invest your money somewhere, then it is very important for you to know if your money is not invested in the wrong place.

Let me tell you that Leadsguru has a real and genuine platform. Where you can learn skills and also earn money by purchasing a course. You can also find all their contact numbers on the Leadsguru website. It is an MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) certified company.

Leadsguru Company Details

Company NameLeadsGuru Is The Product of Veer Hanuman Enterprise
FounderAjay Singh
Company StatusActive
Registered ByMSME (Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises)
Customer Care Number Not Available
WhatsApp Number+91 8209612093
Contact Emailinfo@leadsguru.in
Official Websitewww.leadsguru.in
LeadsGuru AppNot Available
How to Earn MoneyJoin – Learn – Refer – Earn
Company Address207, City Center Complex, Jaipur


This article What is leadsguru affiliate marketing? that was about In which you were informed about all the important information regarding Leads Guru. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can let us know in the comments. If you liked this article, please share this article with all your friends who want to make money with affiliate marketing.

Thank you.

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