Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking in 2023

Are You trying to book Tatkal Railway Ticktets. Here we have reviewed Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking without any hustle in 2023. Fastest hands first… Tatkal booking meets these criteria.

If you’re not a good typist and it’s going to be a problem at some point, you’ll be left with no tickets and then put off your trip.

What is Tatkal Booking?

Tatkal ticket booking facility is a very short notice trip management facility offered to passengers by the Indian Railway Department. This applies to all classes, i.e. Sleeper, AC and almost every mail or express train. Tatkal ticket reservation system opens for next day train booking at 10 am and 11 am every day for respective classes. The number of seats depends on the train. However, a significant number of seats are reserved under Tatkal quota, Indian Railways has the power to take the final seat availability report for a particular train.

As per IRCTC and Indian Railways rules Tatkal ticket booking time is 10:00 am for AC class and 11:00 am for sleeper. Number of individuals from IT background or working professionals depends on their journey on Tatkal air ticket booking scheme. During the holiday period, the situation worsens due to the large rush and most of the passengers are left without a ticket.

What is Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking

So we provide you this IRCTC No Session Expire Chrome Extension. Name of this Chrome Extension is Nexgen IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Autofill Tool. For the common user, it is the best available solution to book tatkal tickets at one hand.

You can Download and Install it from here and enable it from the Chrome extension menu.


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How to use Nexgen IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Tool

The first thing is that this extension prevents your session from expiring by automatically loading in the background.

Nexgen irctc magic tool helps you to book tatkal ticket using irctc. This autofill tool is 100% working with new version of irctc. It is Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking in 2023.
Nexgen tatkal ticket extension helps you book tatkal ticket in seconds.

Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking
Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking

This tatkal ticket booking tool allows you to book your ticket faster than anyone else as it automatically fills your booking and login form.

This is free and safe.

This one also helps by filling all your details starting from login details, your destination and passenger details. (along with age and breathing preference)

It also enlarges the captcha for your easy filling. Finally, we recommend that you be able to automatically save your credit card information in Chrome. Because it’s not always safe to trust third-party extensions to autofill payment information.

Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking
Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking

So with this extension, you save all the details before booking, all you have to do is click the next buttons in time. so just focus on it. The Best Chrome Extension for Tatkal Booking will do the rest.

Now follow our screenshots to set up the extension to automatically fill in all your details.

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