Canva Pro Review – Is It Really Worth Upgrading?

I researched about Canva Pro plan and am ready to highlight the good and the bad to let you know if it’s worth the extra investment or not.

If you were using the free Canva program, you know it is an excellent online tool for making designs, right?

Canva Pro : Best tool for Design?

But you may have wondered if paying for Canva Pro is worth it. Or if it is better to stick to a free plan and save money.

So be sure to read this Canva Pro review to the end. That way you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Here is what I will include in this article:

Canva Pro vs Free
Is Canva Pro Right?
Price of Canva Pro
Ease of Use
Pro and Cons
How Can You Get Canva Pro Free?
Canva FAQS

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Canva Pro vs Free

If you often use it to create quick designs and don’t care about the limit you come with. The free Canva program is a great option for you. While the proins program is best for you if you need access to millions of premium content and time-saving features for better collaboration.

I will explain each feature and which two programs should offer in detail. before that, look at these comparisons between the Canva Free vs Pro program.

Let’s go into the details.

The Canva Free program includes:

  • 250,000+ Templates – Up to more than 250,000 templates but there will be some templates with premium image templates, images, or videos with Canva marker on them.
  • 200K Photos – Get access to 200K free and premium images starting at $ 1 each if you are not a Pro plan user.
  • 57K Graphics and 13K videos – You will be able to access 57K elements and 13K videos that you can use in your free designs.
  • 1700 Fonts – Free program allows you to choose from 1700 free fonts for your designs but you cannot download your own fonts.
  • 75 Audio Tracks with 6 animation effects – You will have access to 75 audio tracks with 6 animation effects.
  • Invite Your Team – Invite team members for free by email and give them access as a member or manager.
  • 5GB Storage – You will have 5GB of storage for your luggage.
  • Two Folders – Create and use two free folders to organize your designs within your Canva account.
  • Brand Kit (Very Limited) – You will be able to access one color palette in your three-color product kit. However, you cannot load your logos or fonts.

So, these are the main features and content you get with the free program.

Now, let’s talk about features in Canva Pro.

The Canva Pro Plan includes:

The Canva Pro program includes all the free features, plus:

  • Brand Kit Pro – Allows you to customize and customize your own branded product by uploading your logos, fonts, and setting as many color palettes as you want so that you or your team members can produce designs that match your product.
  • Background Removal – Remove the background from the image with a single click.
  • Magical Size – Change the size of your designs quickly in any content format. For example, you can turn your Facebook post into a YouTube icon.
  • Clear Images – Download your designs to transparent backgrounds with a single click.
  • Content Editor – Canva Schedule or Content Editor lets you edit your content in your social media accounts. All you have to do is create some amazing designs in advance, edit them, and Canva will automatically send them according to the plan you have set.
  • 420,000+ Templates – Up to 420,000+ premium templates designed templates that you can use to produce amazing designs instantly.
  • 75+ Million Photos, Videos and Featured – Access to over 75 million premium images, videos, sounds, graphics at no additional cost is a great combination because if you upgrade to Canva Pro then you don’t need an original stock photo or video subscription.
  • Create and Invite Team Members – Create a team and invite unlimited members to your team via their email and give them access as a member, template designer, or manager to start collaborating on Canva. It involves working together better than inviting members to a free program.
  • Animator Pro – Create animated graphics with 14 different animation styles that you can download as GIF or movie format (MP4).
  • Share Your Designs as a Template – Customized templates that are relevant to your product and share with your team members to use those designs as a template.
  • Design Together – Create designs with your entire team in real time from anywhere in the world. You can add some members of your project team and they can design in real time and you or your team members can add ideas to the projects to give others feedback on that design.
  • Unlimited Folders – Create unlimited folders or subfolders to organize your designs and add specific team members to your folders if you want.
  • Upload Own Fonts – If you are using a specific font for your designs that are not available in Canva’s 3000+ fonts, you can upload your own font.
  • 3000+ Fonts – When you upgrade to Canva Pro, you will be able to access more than 3000 premium fonts.
  • Set download quality – Set the download quality of your design when you download, you can download your designs either with the highest resolution, medium or low.
  • Download Designs in SVG – Download your designs in SVG format which is great for you if you are a logo designer or want to create any kind of vector graphics.
  • 100GB of storage – Get 100GB of storage for uploading your photos and stuff.
  • Most Important Support – When you upgrade to a pro program, they say they provide you with advanced support.

So all of this is included in the Canva Pro program.

All features of the Canva Pro program are usable but the first five features and access to 420,000+ premium templates, 3000+ fonts, and 75+ premium photos library, videos, audios, and graphics can be a huge draw for the pro program.

Being able to create content that matches your product, remove background images with a single click, change the layout size quickly in any content format or custom sizes, explicit images in seconds, and edit your composition in Canva are great benefits of Canva Pro.

Is Canva Pro Right?

Benefits of Using Canva

1 – Fast and easy to use

As I have already discussed, it is one of the easiest tools when composing any type of content.

Some tools like Adobe Photoshop have more editing features than Canva but can be difficult and frustrating to use for the original designer.

In my opinion, Canva is a must-have tool especially for beginners or people with little design experience. However, even photoshop experts use Canva for quick and easy designs.

2 – Tons of integration with third-party applications

Canva is integrated with hundreds of popular platforms and third-party applications such as social media, cloud storage services, music hosting sites, CRM like HubSpot, editing extensions, and much more.

Integration with other platforms saves your time to do things within Canva like share your photos or save your designs to Dropbox with a single click.

3 – Large number of pre-made templates and graphics

Canva offers you more than 420,000 pre-made templates for any type of content that is most inclusive.

All you have to do is simply select any template or media design, logos, presentation, or other content, and customize the design to your liking.

4 – Clean and easy-to-use interface

The interface is straightforward, with a clean, modern interface and an easy-to-use interface.

5 – Collaboration

One of the benefits of using Canva especially for a team person is that they can work together on real-time construction which is a great way to collaborate with peers on any project

Sending an invitation is very easy, you just need someone’s email and give them access as an administrator, team member, or template designer so they can work together on projects.

6 – Access to millions of photos and drawings

As I said, Canva offers millions of free and high-quality images to create beautiful designs.

The active user has access to over 75+ million premium photos, videos, and graphics that you can download and use anywhere.

It is a great combination for those who pay for expensive stock registration like iStock, Getty Images, or another to get premium photos or videos.

Canva Cons

1 – Mobile application is not easy to use

The Canva mobile app is not easy to use. It is a little harder to use on mobile devices and has more build limits than the browser.

The app update is great but the main problem is that it is not fully usable and sometimes the templates will be corrupted.

The app is much better now than before but still, it has some problems that need to be fixed.

I recommend creating all your designs in your PC browser or desktop version.

2 – Customer support is not very good

Another downside to Canva is that its customer service is not great.

Sometimes the Canva support team takes a moment to get back to you but your problem/question will be resolved in the end.

3 – Best features need to register

The free program is a great option for most users. But in order to get access to its time-saving features and premium content, you will need to upgrade to the pro program.

4 – Bad search results

Canva search result is not easily accessible for free users to find images, elements, or graphics.

You will probably be looking for free stuff or graphics. Since there is no free filter option then you will see both free and advanced items or pictures and that can confuse you.

5 – No offline feature

Another major downside to Canva is that you can only use this tool if you have an Internet connection.

If you are looking for an offline drawing design tool Canva will not be your choice.

Instead, it is best to learn and apply Photoshop in these situations.

However, Canva has a desktop version for Windows and Mac. You can download but still, you can’t use it offline.

How Can You Get Canva Pro Free?

So, you have made your decision to jump into the program. Let me show you how to get it for free for 30 days.

Enjoy using the month and decide if you want to stay with the pro program or not.

Final Thoughts

Canva makes it very easy to create amazing designs for your project. You can do it within a few minutes without the skills of graphic design.

Its pre-made templates give you a great advantage because you can easily customize them using the drag and drop tool.

I only recommend it to businesses / small people who do not have the resources to hire a designer and who want to design themselves quickly and easily without experience.

Now I would like to hear from you. So what are you going to do, Canva for free or Canva Pro?

Notify me by leaving a comment below for now. I would like to know what you choose from the comments in this article.

General Canva Pro FAQs

What is Canva Pro?
Canva Pro is a premium Canva program that comes with a wide range of content including images, templates, graphics, unlimited folders with advanced features and better collaboration, and more.

Can I cancel my Canva Pro subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your Canva Pro subscription at any time. However, you can suspend or cancel your subscription again.

Can you use Canva for commercial purposes?
Yes, almost all media in Canva can be used free of charge for commercial and non-commercial use.

Can I cancel my free Canva Pro trial?
If at any time you think Canva Pro is not yours you can easily cancel your free trial. You will not be charged for anything when your trial ends. But please make sure you cancel your free trial before the end of the trial.

Is Canva better than Photoshop?
In short, both programs are useful in their own ways. Canva is better than Photoshop for non-designers or anyone who wants to create amazing designs quickly. However, Photoshop is a state-of-the-art program, which can be used for almost any type of design you want to create.

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